Woody Nesbitt’s Massive Experience

Best Shreveport LawyerDIVORCE & FAMILY LAW

  • Retired District Judge, 2000-2008, Caddo Parish, Family Court Division
  • Experienced since 1974
  • Thousands and Thousands of Cases Handled
  • 35+ Peer Review Papers, Articles and Outlines
  • 50+ Instructional Lectures For: Louisiana Judicial College, State Bar Family Law Specialists, “Nuts & Bolts” Seminars/Destin, Florida Shreveport Bar Association Seminars, Northwest Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association, Caddo Juvenile Court,  “Town Hall Meetings” in the 1st Judicial District Court, Caddo Parish, Louisiana State Police, Northwest Louisiana State Crime Lab, Louisiana District Attorney’s Association, Caddo Sheriff, Shreveport P.D., and others.


  • Retired District Judge, 2000-2008, First Judicial District Court, Caddo Parish, Louisiana; Numerous Civil Bench & Jury Trials, Major Injury & Death Claims
  • 42+ Years of Experience
  • Hundreds & Hundreds of Completed Cases As An Attorney, 1974-Present
  • Experienced In Many Claims Involving Death, Major Traumatic Injury, Limb Loss, Eye Loss, Burns, Neck & Back Injuries, Loss of Taste/Smell, Brain Injuries, Paralysis, Multiple Compound Injuries, Injuries to the Arm, Hand, Wrist, Leg, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Earnings Losses.
  • Successfully Competed Numerous Cases, By Trial and Settlement, Exceeding $1m In Compensation; Such recoveries require horrendous injuries, earnings losses and sufficient insurance coverage.


  • 42+ Years of Experience As A Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, District Judge
  • For the Caddo Parish District Attorney: 1974-1980: Special Counsel, Assistant D.A., Chief-Felony Prosecutor, Chief-Felony Trials, Director-Criminal Division; 1995-2000: Special Prosecutor
  • Over 60 Felony Jury Trials, Hundreds of Judge Trials, Over 60 Arguments/Briefs In the Louisiana Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, United States Supreme Court.
  • Success in 23 of 23 Murder Trials As A Prosecutor, 5 of 5 As Defense Counsel
  • Caddo Parish District Judge, 2000-2008, Felony Jury Trials