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Woody Nesbitt Shreveport Attorney - Top Attorney 2017


The ultimate reward in either private practice or public service is helping people with their problems and, hopefully, positioning them to get on with their lives,” said Woody Nesbitt. “The legal system should help the people it serves. I try to make that happen.”

Nesbitt gives unique and personalized attention to his clients with ease of communication. Each client has a direct e-mail and a 24/7 answering service number. Each client talks directly to Woody, not a “go between,” about their situation. Woody personally creates each client’s proceedings, “from scratch,” not from a “canned form,” or by handling it off to a “paralegal de jour.” His main rule is “we call back.”

In his eight consecutive years as a District Judge in Caddo Parish Family Court, Nesbitt handled thousands of cases. He also presided over many jury and bench trials, and handled criminal court proceedings. He was honored during his judgeship to be called upon to lecture and instruct lawyers, judges and law enforcement. Nesbitt has over 50 published papers, articles and instructional lectures, primarily in the area of family law and continues to be an instructional lecturer at major seminars all over the state. Extensive experience and success as a chief felony prosecutor taught Nesbitt how to “prove a case” in the courtroom.

Despite his documented courtroom experiences and successes, his philosophy in all cases remains the same: Do everything possible to keep a client out of litigation by reasonable and certain resolution of a dispute, but if litigation is unavoidable, go into the courtroom, civil or criminal, to win.

“The reality is, litigation is somewhat like war with a few rules,” Nesbitt said. “But in the end, it is usually destructive in significant degrees of the mind, body, soul, spirit and finances of both litigants, whether or not either believes they are ‘the winner.’ ”