Communicating With Your Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Shreveport

  • You receive a direct client e mail. Woody works with you on how to most effectively communicate about your case. E mail is preferred as it avoids “phone tag”.  For those who do not e mail, the 24/7 message center serves to expedite your attorney contacting you. You are also given a 24/7 voice mail and instructions on how best to use it in order to help Woody help you most effectively.
  • You have a 24/7 message center for your use and convenience. Lawyers are notorious for not communicating. Not Woody. He usually calls every person back the day they call, sometimes within minutes. If he does not call back promptly, it is because he is in court, in a conference or simply cannot call you at that time. However, he receives your messages as text messages on two cell phones, and, as e mails on multiple computers at two locations. Each message remains until it is manually removed. Phone tag is avoided. Relayed messages are avoided. By e mail, and, direct calls from your lawyer, you talk directly to your lawyer about your case. Again, Woody works with each client on how to most efficiently communicate so he can most efficiently help you.
  • You talk to your attorney, not some “paralegal du jour” or air head telephone receptionist who knows nothing about you or your case or your concerns. In this day and age, “appointments to talk” are horribly inefficient. Of course, when “face to face” meetings are necessary, they are scheduled and happen very efficiently. But the rapidity of information flow, paperwork and large numbers of folks to communicate with on a near constant basis dictate your attorney communicating with you quickly and directly, and not through some “go between”.
  • Rather than the old fashioned letter writing/snail mail, asking you to call to make “an appointment” to come in to talk to your lawyer, then you driving to an office, then waiting a bit, then driving back to your work or home…guess what? Woody calls you on the phone. Done!
  • Your messages to Woody’s service are instantly delivered by text messages and e mails to your lawyer. You and Woody also email. No phone tag = efficiency.  You receive PDFs of documents by email.
  • You have an easy to get to rural, “not down town” office where you can conveniently meet with Woody when necessary, pick up and leave documents that cannot be e mailed and in many instances, leave documents after normal office/work hours, and, on weekends and holidays.