Woody Nesbitt as a Mediator


Shreveport & Bossier Mediation AttorneyHOW THIS WORKS FOR YOU, AS HIS CLIENT
Despite his success in the courtroom, Woody Nesbitt has always advocated trying to resolve most disputes outside of a courtroom. Please see our tabs, “Best Attorneys” AND “Litigation Philosophy”, where Woody Nesbitt explains his approach and philosophy in representing his clients.

In representing his clients, Woody Nesbitt searches for a good and proper resolution of his client’s case outside of a courtroom. He puts his mediation experience to work for his clients.

A mediator is a neutral third party, with expertise in the area of law in which a dispute exists.

The goal is to help the litigants find “common ground” and to resolve their dispute without proceeding to all out litigation in a courtroom.

As a mediator, Woody Nesbitt is hired by attorneys, and, appointed by the courts of Northwest Louisiana to mediate family law cases with contested issues such as custody, support and property.

He also is hired by attorneys or insurance companies, or appointed by the courts to mediate various types of civil law disputes, primarily injury & death claims.

On occasion, private individuals hire Woody Nesbitt to mediate their dispute before filing a lawsuit. A mediator cannot serve as an attorney for a party in the same matter which was mediated.

However, Woody has afterwards served as an attorney on other matters for numerous people who were on “the other side” in cases he handled, or, who were involved in mediations he successfully completed.

In mediation, all sides have continuous input regarding their positions and how they would like their disputes resolved. They have unlimited input regarding how to resolve their own case. Numerous “sessions” can be held at times convenient to the parties.

In a courtroom, the litigants must sit silently as the attorneys, and the judge, do all the talking.

Litigants are allowed to speak only when called upon to do so, and, then, in a very limited fashion and under the strict constraints of evidentiary law.

They do not have “open” input into the resolution of their case.

Lawyers “do their thing”, the judge, or in some injury or criminal matters, a jury, then swings the cold, hard, and very, very sharp “sword of justice”.

Each litigant then gets “what they get” after enduring for months or sometimes years, untold hours of anxiety, thousands and thousands of dollars of fees and costs, sleepless nights and continuous “24/7″ uncertainty as to what will happen next in their lives.

This is why Woody tries to resolve his clients’ cases by a proper and beneficial resolution outside of a courtroom through mediation, where the client has input, “give and take” and eliminates the risks, uncertainties and expense of true litigation.

Woody puts his mediation skills to work for each and every client, trying to keep them out of a contested trial. Another benefit for having Woody Nesbitt as your attorney.