Woody Nesbitt’s Litigation Philosophy

Divorce Lawyer ShreveportThe ultimate reward in either private practice or public service is helping people with their problems and, hopefully positioning them to get on with their lives. The legal system should help the people it serves. Woody Nesbitt tries hard to make that happen.

His extensive experience as a felony prosecutor taught him how to prove a case in the courtroom. This carried through to his 20 years of private practice proving family law and injury or death cases before judges and juries.

Even after many courtroom successes, Woody’s philosophy remains: Do everything possible to keep a client out of litigation by reasonable and certain resolution of a dispute, but if litigation is unavoidable, go into the courtroom to win.

The reality is that litigation is a dispute, and if not resolved amicably, it is usually destructive in significant degrees of the mind, body, spirit, and finances of both litigants, whether or not either believes they are “the winner”.

Woody uses his 42+ years of experience in all areas of the legal system, especially in the litigation areas, to keep every client out of a contested trial in a court of law if at all possible.

He also use his mediation knowledge, skills and experience, learned as a certified advanced family law and civil litigation mediator, to try to resolve each client’s case without contested litigation.

It is more often than not a “win-win” for his clients. They have direct and active participation in giving and taking, compromising and bargaining, to get an acceptable result of their dispute without the risks, expense and nightmare of living with a litigation trial.

If Woody your lawyer, he will try hard to keep you out of a contested trial. If that is impossible, please see “Extensive Experience” and other related information.